The Robinson Street Medical Centre is a Private Billing practice.  We provide a concession rate for full pensioners and for people on unemployment benefits.  We do not automatically offer a concession rate to healthcare cardholders.  Payment on the day of consultation is required and we provide EFTPOS to facilitate this.

ITEM            FULL FEE           CONCESSION FEE               MEDICARE REBATE

3                   $ 44.90                       $ 31.95                                      $ 17.20

23                 $ 70.00                       $ 52.00                                      $ 38.20

36                 $ 105.20                     $ 86.70                                      $ 7.95

44                 $137.60                      $120.55                                     $108.85


Your Medicare Claim can be completed electronically.  We encourage all patients to lodge their banking details with Medicare to ensure speedy receipt of your rebate. 

All patients requiring repeat prescriptions will need an appointment to see a doctor.

Please contact our office and speak to our reception staff should you have any further questions about our fees.

We remind our patients that they may incur a fee from the relevant service provider when having recommended investigations such as pathology or radiology.